Posted by: spiritteacher | December 28, 2016


“I cannot see two worlds.” 
“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” 
A Course In Miracles

“I will forgive all things today.”

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” Turn the key and open the door to freedom. As we crack the door of fear’s dark place through our forgiving thoughts, God’s Holy Light bursts in. It flows like sunlight’s golden rays and spreads a comforting warmth of reassurance and relief through every mind and heart. Here we know with quiet certainty that God is alive and well and we can rest in Him understanding with perfect clarity that His power of Love heals all things and everyone.

Fear and Love cannot inhabit the same space. Where light shines, darkness disappears. Where there is love, fear cannot be found. Where there is gratitude and joy, doubt and confusion disappear. There are not two worlds, but only one. And this one belongs to God. Let not our dark fear thoughts block His Light for He awaits us and our willingness to remember who we really are. God can only help us if we invite Him in.

The choice of where to live and Whom to follow and to trust is ours.

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