Posted by: spiritteacher | December 27, 2016


“And be you thankful that there is a place where truth and beauty wait for you …” A Course In Miracles

“I will be mindful of each moment in order to find my truth.”

In this instant lives all truth and beauty. In this moment all love and healing are deeply imbedded.

Even if we can’t see the miracles within this moment, we can trust that they are there. We need not search the past for our peace, nor do we need to leap into the future. Instead we need just live in this moment here and now to find everything we need to be happy, safe and well.

The past carries all our lessons that we have outgrown. Its only purpose now is to offer opportunities for forgiveness and then let it go. When we unclench our fists from our history, our story will change. If we are unhappy with our life, we can know that we are still allowing the past to rule our present. We must turn toward the past, thank it for its usefulness and then cheerfully say good-bye. What we experience here and now will be richer and more filled with joy when we understand that to be truly happy we must experience our life moment by moment.

Worry and anxiety are not helpful to a peaceful present. Worry is only praying for what we do not want. And it serves no purpose because it is not productive, nor is it helpful to ourselves, our loved ones or the world. Worry holds a power over our minds that keeps our story limited while it distracts us from the Truth. The alternative to worry is trust. To worry less, we must give to God everything that we feel disturbed about. All the things that have happened or that we think might happen, give to God so He can remove all doubt and fear from our thinking and replace it with calm and quiet confidence. Within this new calm and quiet confidence lives the trust that God is in charge and so no matter how we think it looks, it must be fine. Now the past has served its purpose and we are free to see things differently. “All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing.” (ACIM) is God’s promise to us.

The future that we worry over is but concern about repetition of a past that no longer serves us. So now we must release the future to God as well. “I place the future in the hands of God,” (ACIM) is the only prayer we need pray to bring us back into the moment where true opportunity for abiding peace and love and joy can happen.  

If we are experiencing challenges now, we must remember that our only choice is to pray, “God, please take this from me and show me what I must think and do and say to be at peace.” And He will guide us into the moment where our true lives will begin. Into the moment where we feel safe and loved and healed and whole. That moment does exist and it can be experienced only right here, right now with God leading the way.

And now we can be thankful that there is a place where truth and beauty wait for us. And it’s right here, right now.

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