Posted by: spiritteacher | December 25, 2016


“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within …” A Course In Miracles


There was a small star in a black sea of sky whose light was very dim. Dark thoughts, heavy sadness, and crushing guilt from earth made it an overwhelming challenge for the little star to keeps its light alive. It continued to try valiantly, but the effort was exhausting.

One night just before its fading glow was extinguished for good, the star heard a sound. It listened closely and it heard it again. Sweet and gentle, and ever so lovely, the sound penetrated the heavy mist of fear that filled the world. It was the voices of a small boy and girl singing a lovely little hymn to each other in a small and dingy room with ice crystals clinging to the inside walls. The brother and sister had curled themselves up together in a thin and threadbare blanket. They were home alone. Home was a small apartment with no heat, but they didn’t seem to notice as their voices rose in harmony with one another. If anyone would have seen them, they would have been amazed by their shining eyes and happy smiles.

They had nothing in the worlds’ terms, but in their eyes they had everything. They had each other.

The star focused on the innocence and love that flowed from the hearts and into the song of these two children. And as it did so, its dim light began to brighten. Then softly and from a distance, the star heard more voices joining these and then more and more. Each voice belonged to a child. The star continued to focus only on the voices until it could hear nothing, but children singing in different languages, in different keys with different melodies that somehow blended and harmonized with each other and with the two original children in the cold apartment. The love that circled the world from the hearts of the children gave power and strength to the star until its light shone clear and filled the sky. Soon the dark sea of night disappeared into the light. The light from one small star.

You are the star. 
You are the children.
You are the song. 

You are the light. 
You are the innocence. 
You are the love.

Listen to your heart, focus on your song, see only your light and you will realize

Peace On Earth

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!

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