Posted by: spiritteacher | December 22, 2016


“God’s grace is given me.  I claim it now.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be kind to everyone today.”

Everywhere we look, are opportunities for random acts of kindness, both small and large. It can be as tiny as a smile for a stranger or as large as a monthly gift to a child in a third world country. It can be calling our mother or standing in front of Congress for a cause that we believe in. It can be rescuing a puppy or traveling to another country to save the whales. It can be blessing the person who cuts us off in traffic or going on TV to talk about preserving the rain forests.

Whether large or small, our random acts of kindness hold equal power in God’s eyes for the healing of our hearts and the healing of the world.  They originate from His Love and then they share His Love with others.

Every kind thought and act opens our hearts and gets us out of our fear thinking and into our love thinking. In kindness we align with our true presence, our true purpose and with our Child of God essence. It is not so much the act or the thought, as the Love behind it that will make the world a better place. 

Today let’s spread kindness and get a glimpse of Heaven.

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