Posted by: spiritteacher | November 28, 2016


“We will pause a moment as God tells us I am here.”
A Course In Miracles

 “I will be mindful of this moment and let everything else go.”

In this moment there is all of life. The past is released, the future surrendered and this moment is all there is. It isn’t necessary to know specifically what we cling to in the past, what shadows we danced with, what tears we cried, what sad songs we sang, what pain we suffered.  All that’s necessary is to know that all is forgiven and suffering is done.

In this moment we are free to let the past go like a silk scarf in the wind and celebrate our light.  What the future holds is also unimportant for we can change that by simply choosing to be happy now.  No one and nothing has the power to disturb out peace. Peace doesn’t come from bodies or egos. Nor can our peace be disrupted by bodies or egos. Peace comes from God.  And the choice to experience peace comes from us.  Not from anything outside of us, but from God Who dwells within.

Be in the Now. 

Live in the Now. 

Dance and sing joyfully Now. 

Rejoice and celebrate Now.

Let your laughter ring out Now. 

Not a moment ago, or a moment from now, but NOW. And then NOW and NOW again.  Practice this with gentle breathing and a soft smile, a quiet laugh. Repeat “God is the Love with which I experience this moment.” And watch your LIFE begin.

If you feel your peace disturbed by someone or something outside of you, quietly understand that you are simply judging someone or something apart from God.  Then simply grow still and ask for help to be released from this disturbance and let harmony and balance fill you.

Ask for guidance as to how to remove yourself from this place that challenges you and listen quietly for the answers. Watch carefully for miracles of love and healing to lead you on a new path which takes you gently away from fear and into Light.  And trust that in God, all is well.  All is well NOW.

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