Posted by: spiritteacher | November 22, 2016


“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will smile with gratitude upon everyone and everything today.”

It is the ending of the harvest season and Thanksgiving is coming closer. This is the perfect time to remember to practice gratitude. Not just gratitude for things, but also let’s be grateful for our true blessings, beginning with our own miraculous selves. 

Let us be grateful for forgiveness; forgiveness in the sense that we own nothing that happens here, but instead every experience belongs to God. Forgiveness is as simple as letting go and letting God. Forgiveness is placing our trust in Him while we rest in the understanding that God’s Laws are now governing our lives. Forgiveness is the key to happiness and the result of trust. 

So now we are grateful for trust. Without trust our experience here is uncertain and fearful. Without trust we are as small children being thrown from a cliff every day. Are we or our loved ones going to get sick?  And what if we are sick already? What do we do with that? Are we going to lose our jobs? Or if we’ve lost our jobs, where do we go from here? What do we do about an abusive or unhappy relationship? Is the world going to come crashing to a violent end? Are our children in danger? How can we live with this uncertainty a moment longer? Why should we? The answer is TRUST. Now no matter how uncertain and scary it looks and feels here, we are assured that there is a world beyond this world where all is being taken care of for us. This place is as near as our hearts. It is our Home in God. Trust is a difficult thing for most of us, but we can at least be willing to trust. God takes our little willingness and lovingly uses it for His healing purpose. 

Being grateful for love seems logical even to our limited earthly self. After all Love is the answer. Love unlocks hearts and brings people together. Love, infinite and eternal, is how we were created and that makes us living, breathing miracles. The love that comes from God doesn’t know gender, ethnicity, physical circumstances, political or religious differences. Love from God just IS. And from this amazing Love comes peace.

Let’s rest for a moment in that thought and gratefully allow our hearts to fill with peace.  Breathe it in and then let it spill out into the world.  Again.  Again. See this peace as a gentle breeze that touches everything and everyone as it flows out into the atmosphere. It rests on every man, woman and child and gently caresses them, quiets their thoughts and calms their hearts. It touches every animal and plant and is our key to transformation. Peace is our true essence and God’s gift to His beloved children should we choose to accept it. Let’s gratefully accept the peace of our true existence, our real purpose and God’s loving gift to us.  Remember, forgiveness, trust, gratitude and love all bring us peace.

Now, we must be grateful for gratitude for it is our gratitude that flings open the windows and doors to our inner world. This is the world where we are one with God and with each other. This is the world that is our true home and the place from which we will begin to heal and the world with us. God heals, but we must allow. Gratitude opens our hearts and allows Him in so He can do His healing work for us and through us.

In gratitude we walk the earth today.

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