Posted by: spiritteacher | November 17, 2016


“Love created me like Itself.” A Course In Miracles

“I will make the choice for Love today.”

Love is not only a word,
Nor just a state of mind,
Or a special feeling.

Love is a choice and a decision.
And you can decide for it at anytime and anywhere.

You can choose it at any moment and in every situation.

You can choose it with whoever you are with
Or whoever is on your mind.

You can choose it for all those you agree with
Or for anyone who sees things differently than you.

You can choose it for friends and family
Or for all those you have never met.

You can choose it whether they are here in this world
Or have moved on to another plane.

You can choose it for strangers in another country
Or for the cashier at the grocery store
Or for your neighbor whose barking dog keeps you awake
Or for all those in the local or national news.

The mere choosing dissolves the prison bars
Of guilt
Of anger
Of fear
Of sadness
Of unhappiness in every form.

The first step requires no work at all.
Only a small willingness to be open
To the ancient wonders of your own true self.

The truth is Love is a choice that never leaves you.
One that lives quietly inside you and simply waits
For you to notice,
And then to choose it.

And when you do
All Heaven breaks loose!

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