Posted by: spiritteacher | November 11, 2016



“Beyond this world there is a world I want. I cannot see two worlds.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will see only God’s world today.” 

See inside your mind, a lovely Chapel filled with light. This lovely loving light shines upon you, surrounds you, fills you up and finally heals you.

The Chapel is surrounded by a garden whose flowers are of colors not dimmed by the world’s judgment or fears. Their stems and leaves are the green of a pure and loving heart. Their blooms of vibrant reds and blues and yellows, pinks and purples and variations of the same including colors without names are unlike any you have ever seen. Think of a color that has struck you with its amazing beauty; a sunset or a rainbow that has lifted your heart and taken your breath away. Now see the colors of these flowers in the garden of your mind as more glorious and perfect than any earthly wonders. If you can’t envision this it is simply that you have not before looked beyond this world into another world more real than this one that lives inside your mind and is awaiting only recognition.

Through the garden bubbles a brook as clear as the crystal stones it washes over. Watch these stones as they sparkle and flash in the sunlight’s happy rays. There is music in the splashing brook which springs from your clear and purest thoughts. There is art in the garden that you have painted in your mind and poetry in the clear, clean air you breathe inside this other world. 

There is a calm and holy quiet space inside the Chapel that holds its light for you. And this, Dear Child of God, is your true home. Go there as often as you can and rest your weary heart and revive your spirit. Go there whenever you feel angry or anxious or sad. Go there whenever you see yourself beset by unsolvable problems.  Whenever you are troubled by thoughts that swirl in dark confusion in your mind go inside and visit your Chapel. Kneel at the altar of your most loving place. Walk through your garden.  Sit beside your bubbling brook.  Collect the crystals and lay them about you and feel their energy fill you and revive you.

And now revived and refreshed go about your day and extend to all a new certainty, a calm and quiet confidence and the happy knowing, all is well.

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