Posted by: spiritteacher | November 9, 2016


The world needs more Love. And so I want you to know how much I love you all. Please pass it on. Love, Sharie

“I am thankful for God’s Gifts to me. ” A Course In Miracles 

“I will let my smile radiate God’s Love today.”

God’s love is a heavenly radiance that reflects upon what’s true.

God’s love is beyond time and space and human-made laws and beliefs. 

God’s love is a brilliant ray that shines from face to face.

God’s love is an unseen cord that connects us to each other.

God’s love is a promise in which we can place our trust.

God’s love is a happy heart that beats in rhythm with our own.

God’s love is the tree of life ripe with miracles for the picking.

God’s love is a beautifully wrapped package filled with many gifts.

God’s love are blessings of joy, abundance, health and safety.

God’s love is found in every forgiving thought.

God’s love is seen in every kind act.

God’s love is in every prayer for peace.

God’s love blesses us and all the world.

God’s Love is all there is.

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