Posted by: spiritteacher | November 1, 2016


“Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God.” A Course In Miracles

I’m just an ordinary citizen making an observation. The energy surrounding the presidential election at my work, in the community and in the country, on television and on social media are so volatile and so filled with anger and judgment and righteousness and fear that it feels like a weight in my chest and a boulder on my shoulders.

It saddens me to see the divisiveness and attack language that wonderful, kind people whom I love are using to describe the candidates and the other political party. I am here in a political climate where the vitriol and judgment is so intense that it can be cut with a knife. It brings me to a state of fear where I can’t see any good coming from this election, but only more attack and judgment no matter who gets the position. I won’t say wins the presidency, because I don’t believe that whoever gets in will be a winner, but only a victim being attacked or an attacker taking a war-like stance to cause more separation and attack even after the election is over.

In this election process, I don’t see any concern for making the world a better place, but only the desire to have their own party in place with little concern for the wellbeing of the country. It seems like it’s the party at any cost which is frightening because the cost could be great for both sides of the divide. I don’t hear any talk of communication or respect or working together. I don’t see any kindness, even from people I know are normally very kind.

Nothing in this country or this world has ever fixed anything at the level of judgment and fear. We need to elevate our thinking from fear and attack thinking to asking for help from our higher minds. That place within each of us where the solution is not for one candidate to be attacked so the other can win, nor for one candidate or party to take pleasure in the challenges of the other, but for both candidates to see that we are in this together and for both political parties to see there is a respectful and professional way that begins with caring about the citizens of the country before the power of the party and for both parties to work together to heal their differences through respectful communication and listening so they can make decisions that work for all the people. Decisions that can make us examples for peace and healing in our communities, in the country and in the world. Our power is not in our divisiveness. Our power is our Oneness.



  1. Thank you, Annie.

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