Posted by: spiritteacher | October 31, 2016


“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let God handle things today.”

Instead of focusing so intently on our imperfections and our fears and all that we perceive to be negative about ourselves and others, why don’t we instead focus on simply accepting who we are just the way we are?  And then accept others for themselves as well. Once we have accepted life as it is, we can then begin the process of inner change.

We have trained ourselves to judge everything and everyone … to the nth degree.  We thrive on our judgments, because we believe in them so strongly.  If something “looks” a certain way, we say it is so. We believe in what we think we see as though it were etched in stone. Many a relationship has suffered for just such thinking. 

Much fear has been justified in the name of righteousness. It doesn’t help that we have a great capacity to forget how many times we have judged and were wrong. And even when we remember we were wrong, we still managed to turn that to our advantage somehow so we can keep on being right. It takes great honesty and humility and forgiveness of ourselves and others to admit we made a mistake and then to learn from that mistake and heal it.

If we’re not sure we believe in the power of our judgments, let’s do this exercise. Let’s take a strong opinion we have about something in our life and try and let it go. Religion, Relationships, Politics, Differences, Justice, Money, and Death are just a few topics we may feel strongly about. Let’s take an opinion about any one of these things and let it go. Feel the stress from trying to swallow that idea?  And yet it is these very judgments that keep us imprisoned in a world of suffering and pain.

God’s job is to impress His loving judgment upon all these things that worry us so much. To let go of judgment does not mean the world will go to hell in a hand basket. It only means that we are letting God handle what belongs to Him so all these complicated things can be simplified and the world can be open to His Holy Healing.    

Every judgment thought slams a door on God.  Every acceptance thought opens a heart and lets Him in. Every forgiveness thought radiates love and heals the world a little more.

This our moment to banish judgment and welcome healing through forgiveness and love. Let’s join hands and minds and hearts and do it!

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