Posted by: spiritteacher | October 26, 2016


“I have no neutral thoughts.” A Course In Miracles

“I will think only loving thoughts today.”

As we understand the power of our thoughts, we will see how important it is to think Loving thoughts and let go of fear filled thoughts. 

As we exercise our power to see through God’s eyes instead of trying to see on our own, we will begin to witness changes in those around us.  Where there was separation among God’s children, there will be a new joining, a new willingness to be happy and peaceful with each other. Instead of reacting through fear, we will be able to stop ourselves and ask God how we should handle each situation that arises. And as we listen silently to His response, we will find ourselves using different words and performing different acts than we did when we were acting on our own. 

And the miracles will flow.

Love will replace fear, laughter will replace tears and abundance will replace loss. Harmony and balance will replace extremes. Kindness will replace judgment and compassion will replace intolerance. Health will replace sickness and joy will replace sadness, anger and hopelessness. Calm and quiet confidence will replace anxiety, worry and depression.  Brothers and sisters will replace enemies.

It will be a new world and it will happen through the power of you and me thinking only with God.

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