Posted by: spiritteacher | October 12, 2016


“The stillness of the peace of God is mine.”  A Course In Miracles

“Today I will be alert to any signs of happiness, and I will clear the way for it to spread.” Hugh Prather, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Writer

“I will quiet my mind and listen to God today.”

We talk to God –a lot, but we don’t listen very well. In our prayers we ask for things and then we get busy and tell Him how to make them happen. We want this particular job or this specific car or this one house or this exact family or relationship or healing or workplace dynamic.  We pray for others around us to change to accommodate our personalities and perceptions. We don’t have a clue as to how we are limiting our options by trying to manipulate our lives to follow our little plans for what we believe we want and need. 

We put ourselves in a prison cell of our own making and then complain because we’re trapped in a life that brings us pain or is not fulfilling. We seek, seek, seek and never find.

Only when we calm down and get quiet are we able to open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of the Divine Universe. Maybe it’s time to stop asking, stop talking and thinking and grow still and listen. Could it be there is Someone Who knows more than we do?  Is it possible that we don’t know what is really right for us? Could we really just say, “Help me, God.” and then be quiet?

What if it’s true?  The quiet mind hears clearly and the busy mind hears nothing much at all. Let’s try something different. Let’s soften our hearts, still our thoughts and fill each moment with silent kindness. Now we allow ourselves to grow still and live each moment mindfully. God has much to say, but we can only hear Him if we stop talking and start listening.  

Prison or Perfection?  Chaos or Quiet? Mayhem or Miracles? 

The choices are ours.

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