Posted by: spiritteacher | October 5, 2016


“Let miracles replace all grievances.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let grievances be transformed into miracles today.”  

What if there was only one problem?  And one answer?  Let’s say the problem is that we are holding onto a grievance.  And the solution is that we have decided to let it go.  What would happen?  Only one thing can happen. The grievance would collapse and be transformed into a miracle.

Let’s say the real problem is we believe we are separate from God and from each other. And the solution is that we forgive that thought and choose to remember we are One.  What would happen?  Only one thing can happen.  The idea of separation would collapse and be transformed into our Truth of Holy Oneness.

What does this mean?  It means that every grievance is a separation thought no matter in what form it comes to us. Every grievance and every separation thought can be seen as a lesson; an opportunity for healing.  Healing of our thinking through our forgiveness is the only true healing.  Now we no longer see the grievance or the separation, but only our oneness in God. In that moment we have experienced a true healing.  Any healing that happens at the level of the spirit mind is permanent. This doesn’t mean we won’t cherish other grievances or even bring this one up again, but it does mean that the solution has happened; the problem has been solved.  It is our choice whether we recognize and accept this or not.  It is our choice whether we want to live in our healed mind or in our grievances and separation thinking.

In True Forgiveness, nothing can disturb our peace and all that we draw to us is joy and loving miracles. We are no longer a victim, but a powerful Child of a Loving God who is at peace and brings peace with us wherever we go. Now we are able to allow Him to walk before us and correct every problem we may think we have. Forgiveness is our path to perfect peace. The problem is we believe we are separate. The answer is WE are not.

“To forgive, we are not required to say or do anything.  It is an inner gesture of quiet sincerity.” Hugh Prather Spirit Teacher, Counselor, Writer


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