Posted by: spiritteacher | September 29, 2016


“There are no idle thoughts.” A Course In Miracles

“Today, I will remember my thoughts have power.”

We mustn’t be tempted to think our thoughts aren’t powerful because they are. We are after all glorious and holy Creations of God!

We can use our power to keep the world imprisoned in darkness or we can use it to shine God’s loving Light on everyone and everything we see. We can us our power to be sick and weak and downtrodden. Or we can use it to be an instrument of peace and an inspiration for joy and healing in the world. It is our fear thoughts that made the world insane. It is our loving thoughts that will fix it.

Let our prayer be, “God use me to help You heal the world. I want to see Your peace instead of this.”

Then smile gently, grow quiet and watch the miracles of healing happen as the world transforms from a fearful place to God’s Place and our Real Home.

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