Posted by: spiritteacher | September 13, 2016


“There are dark lessons in your mind that would hurt and hinder you. The lessons you would teach yourself God has corrected already.” A Course In Miracles

“I will welcome butterflies today.”

Lightning doesn’t tickle and butterflies don’t sting. Remember any lessons we don’t learn with each other now will be repeated later.  We never get through life without learning what we came here to learn. The longer we put off learning, the harder it gets.  It starts with a quiet thought like a butterfly’s touch, then moves on to a pinch, then a shove,  a kick, and finally a bolt of lightning. 

It isn’t God that is pinching, shoving, kicking or striking us with lightning. We are doing it to ourselves through the law of cause and effect. What we give to the world is what we bring upon ourselves. 

God never brings harm to His children. He just gently Loves us. Although He must be perplexed as to why we are choosing to beat ourselves up when all we have to do is simply accept our inheritance of happiness and joy. 

Why wait for lightning to strike when we can find our peace with just the tiny tickle of a butterfly’s wing?


  1. Thank you for the poetic imagery …a powerful teaching tool. Joyful blessings ! Love, Rae Karen

    • Thank you Rae Karen. Have a beautiful butterfly day. That means gentle lessons quickly learned. Love you, Sharie

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