Posted by: spiritteacher | September 7, 2016


“Have you not wondered what the world is really like; how it would look through happy eyes?” A Course In Miracles

I will recognize my perfection today.”

There is no need for self improvement. We are already perfect. All we need to do is recognize our perfection. We do this by lifting the blinders of our belief in littleness and limitation. We must let go of our thinking that we are something other than God’s Holy Creation. We must banish our doubts about ourselves and everyone else as well and trust that no one is their behavior.

We are not our fears.

We are not our insecurities.

We are not our bodies.

Instead we are Light, Spirit Creations of God capable at any moment of transforming our thinking into purest thoughts of kindness and compassion. We are able at any moment to understand this world and ourselves through the truth of our highest Being.

Let’s listen to our innermost thoughts and compare them to our outer conversations and actions. Are they in alignment? Is God within what we live without? Have we consciously and willingly allowed ourselves to be lifted above the chaos and the confusion of the ego world? Are we calm inside and out? Are we smiling in our hearts and on our faces? Are our hearts overflowing with love for ourselves and all others?

Are we being tolerant and kind and helpful? Or are we taking our natural state of holiness and perfection and hiding them behind a cloud of doubt and anger and fear? Are we covering our truth with foggy thinking and then claiming that the fog is who and what we are? And what all others are as well?

If so, no wonder we suffer pain and anxiety and sickness. We can’t hide our Glorious Being behind a mist of fear and doubt and be at peace. We can’t shove a loving and Holy Creation into a small box of insane thinking and not be extremely uncomfortable. It would be like caging a tiger or binding the wings of an eagle. It would be like calling a majestic mountain a hill and seeing the ocean as a puddle. 

We are meant to soar with Angels and to travel with winged feet on a path of pure light with nothing less than God as our Guide.

The problem is not our lives, our jobs, our bodies or our relationships. The problem is how we see ourselves in relation to these things. If we see ourselves as God sees us, holy and innocent and perfect and free, our jobs and our relationships and our lives will reflect that perfection. Nothing needs to change except our minds, our thinking, and our beliefs. It doesn’t mean our lives, our relationships, our bodies and our jobs won’t change if they are meant to.  It only means that our minds must change first for true and permanent transformation.

The old saying “Bloom where you’re planted,” is true. In living our truth and our perfection we will become teachers of love and kindness instead of fear and unhappiness. Our lives will be transformed, not by outer change but by inner change. A new way of thinking will show us a new way of being. 

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