Posted by: spiritteacher | August 4, 2016


“This lesson shines with God’s glory, for in it lies His power, which He shares so gladly with His Children. Learn of His happiness, which is yours. But to accomplish this, all your dark lessons must be brought willingly to truth, and joyously laid down by hands open to receive …”

“I will get out of my head and into my heart today.”

We live in our heads way too much. Letting our minds meander through the bramble and brush of negative thinking. Anything that could go wrong comes to mind in nearly every situation. We think we are being protective; safeguarding our loved ones and ourselves. And it all seems right to us somehow. Only with this thinking we almost always leave out the most important element – God.

What if we surrendered our thinking and lifted the brambles and brushes up to Him. What if we admitted that with our own strength we really can’t protect anyone or anything. No matter how many guns we own, no matter how many locks on the doors, no matter how many vitamins and supplements we take, without God we’re really on our own. Not from God’s choice, but because through the fog of our fears we are not allowing ourselves to experience His Loving protection fully.

God would never take away the guns, the locks or the vitamins. He knows we are too dependent upon them and removing these devices would only increase our fear. All He asks of us is that we purchase our guns with Him, lock our doors with Him and take our supplements with Him knowing that our true protection lies in Him.

We can do everything we want to do, have everything we think we need only put Him first. Invite God into each moment.

Invite God into our mornings.

Invite God to our meals.

Invite God to our family gatherings.

Invite God on our vacations.

Invite God on our shopping trips.

Invite God into our pain and suffering.

Invite God into our happy times.

Invite God in when we are sick or well.

Invite God into our work place.

Invite God to our nightly rests.

Invite God everywhere and into everything.

The more we let Him in, the more He can help us. He wants us to be healthy, happy and safe. When our fears block our experience of His Love we can simply invite Him into the pain. Let our thoughts go still and breathe His Love into the moment. He’s here anyway and He has nothing to do except to be there for us. It’s His will so why not make it ours as well.

God created us in His image. Not as vulnerable bodies at the mercy of an insane world, but as powerful spirits who can transcend everything we think is wrong and transform our world of fear into a world kept safe by Love. God’s Love. All we need to do is open our mind and heart and invite Him in.

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