Posted by: spiritteacher | August 3, 2016


“In this recognition there is peace.” A Course In Miracles

“I will recognize myself in you today. And you in me.”

Who are you?  You are the ever present Oneness of me and all our brothers and sisters created by a Loving God.  You are the light that happens in my mind when I think of you.  You are the joy in my heart when I remember who I am.  You are the Love in which I rest when I want to be at peace. You are wise and wonderful as well as pure and perfect innocence all in one place.  You are not the question, but the answer.  You are YOU, the SELF, the vast eternal perfect SELF in which I see myself reflected whenever I remember to look.  You are the One for Whom I have searched my entire life. You are my teacher, my brother/sister and me at our Source. You are the one on whom the Divine Universe smiles in eternal recognition and says, “Rest in ME. You are home now.  At last you have come home.”

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