Posted by: spiritteacher | February 13, 2015


“What joy there is today. It’s a time of special celebration!” A Course In Miracles

“I am living in constant celebration.”

Really, it’s all good news. It’s like Valentine’s Day and Christmas rolled into one. It’s like our birthday every day. The gifts are flowing. Open one package and find nestled in tissue a thought. Joy is your reality. Open a second gaily wrapped package and find this gift: You are loved beyond measure. Another gift awaits our unwrapping: You deserve everything good that you want. Another: You are a ray of light. Another: All your mistakes have been forgiven. And: Happiness and abundance are your right. As well: You are entitled to love and be loved. Then: In God’s eyes you are perfect and peaceful. Let’s open the next wrapping and see emblazed this beautiful thought to carry with us always, “There is no miracle you cannot have if you so choose.” ACIM

Everything wonderful we can imagine is already ours. Every loving or positive thought or action holds within it a gift wrapped and ready to open. One for every day of the year. One for every moment of each day. The gifts are limitless and constant, ever flowing and never lost. All that is needed to access them is to choose them, expect them and accept them. They cannot be stopped just as God’s Love cannot be stopped.

With this understanding, let’s now step into the light of constant celebration and feel our heart overflow  with forgiveness and gratitude and love.

Forgiveness and Gratitude and Love are the three gifts we give that keep all the other gifts flooding to us.

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