Posted by: spiritteacher | December 22, 2014


“Oneness is simply the idea God is.” A Course In Miracles

“I choose the wonder of Oneness today.”

This holiday season is the perfect time to choose to take our separated drop and plop it into the Ocean of God’s perfect Love. And join with our brothers and sisters with peace filled thoughts and joyous extensions of loving energy toward all.  That is ONENESS.

We must exclude no one and nothing in this and our gifts will be miracles of wondrous experience pouring down about us.  And together we can splash happily in the puddles of joy that our raining miracles produce and peace will fill our hearts. Then we can rest in the understanding that God is Love and God is all there is.  That is ONENESS

We can experience our Oneness through: 
Random acts of kindness  
Compassionate thoughts 
Smiles for strangers  
Hugs for the children
Patience and tolerance
Smiles and laughter 
Sharing and caring 
Giving and living
Blessing and praying
Stilling our thoughts and listening …

We can experience our Oneness by seeing the world as blessed.
And blessing the world we see no matter how it looks.

By believing that God’s power is the power of Love and Love is All He Is and therefore the only thing that’s true.  

No matter how it looks here, or how it feels inside us, we must TRUST that God can make the corrections to heal everyone and all things. But we must open our hearts and minds and let God in. And then let God’s Love flow through us. And know His will for us is only Happiness.

And when we combine our power and do this together all that’s left is ONENESS.

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