Posted by: spiritteacher | December 9, 2014


“… you will see the smile of Heaven shining on both you and your brother.” A Course In Miracles

“My heart smiles at everyone today.”

A smile is reassuring.
A smile is comforting.
A smile expresses joy and happiness.
A smile is a stepping stone to laughter.
A smile releases endorphins and makes us feel better.
A smile is a gift, an offering of an open heart and a helping hand.
A smile is an easy way to communicate love, kindness and forgiveness.

A smile is very, very powerful.

A smile is contagious.
When you give it to another, you give it to yourself.

Today whenever anything disturbs us, let’s try this exercise; let’s curve our mouth upward, soften our vision and smile. Not just with our lips, but with our eyes. Let it come from deep within our heart.  It’s impossible to be depressed, sad, anxious, angry or afraid when our heart is smiling.

Let a smile be our prayer. 

Let a smile be our meditation. 

Let a smile be the affirmation of our true worth and value.

Let a smile change someone’s day. 

Let a smile in each moment change our life.

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