Posted by: spiritteacher | December 8, 2014


“Giving and receiving are the same.” A Course In Miracles

“To everyone I offer love and joy today.”

The acts of giving and receiving are governed by the same law.

Giving and receiving under God’s laws are not the same as in the world’s. In the world if we give a gift, it’s gone from our possession and now belongs to someone else. That blouse, that tie, that CD or DVD has been given away. They are out of our life and we cannot have them back. But God’s gifts cannot be given away without being kept. His gifts belong to everyone and all at once.

If we want peace of mind, we must give it to someone else. If we want happiness, just offer it with a smile to any one of God’s children and it’s ours to keep forever. If we want to enjoy a calm and quiet moment we only need lift it from our heart and place it in someone else’s. Love and forgiveness are gifts that generate miracles of healing from one to another. We cannot give them away without keeping them for ourselves. And in fact, as we give them they grow. If we give a gentle smile and offer a kindness to another those gifts can be paid forward and increased a thousand fold at the same time as they stay with us. The energy from a gift of Love can ripple out far beyond our immediate world and cause joy and healing in places we cannot imagine.

On the other hand, this simple law of cause and effect can backfire if we don’t use it wisely. If we want a cup of anger, we need just offer it to our neighbor and it’s ours to keep.  If we want a pot of suffering and misery, we can simply pour it over our brother’s head.  If we want a pile of guilt, we can wrap it up in black paper, tie it with a bitter bow and give it to our sister and voila! It’s ours.

So today let’s give only what we want; an overflowing cup of gratitude, a flowering pot of generosity, a seed of simple niceness. Let’s pray this prayer together, “To everyone I offer Love and Peace and Joy from my open heart because I want them for myself.”  And now the world is healed.

May you walk among your gifts from God today,
Sharing them with everyone along the way.

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