Posted by: spiritteacher | October 23, 2014


“I am under no laws but God’s.” A Course In Miracles

“I will focus only on God’s truth today.”

We may say to someone, “Tell me the truth.” What we are really saying is tell me the facts as you perceive them or even as I perceive them for you.  There is little truth in facts because they are based upon perception.  Every person witnessing a situation will see the facts in a different way and will believe they are telling the truth. 

God’s Truth is His Law and governs far beyond the laws of this world. God’s Truth is something that is beyond description and comes from pure Love. It enters into the realm of Being at its highest and aligns our minds with God’s in the truest sense. 

We get little ripples of this now and then, tiny glimpses here and there. But most of us are not yet ready to stay in this state for any extended period of time.  When we are in Truth we are experiencing life in total Love.  Peace lays itself at our feet and Light transforms the world and everyone here into perfection.  In Truth we are incapable of seeing anything apart from God. God simply Is and only our Oneness with Him and with each other is real to us.  This is our Holy goal and when we reach it all Heaven and Earth will be One.   In Truth.

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