Posted by: spiritteacher | October 20, 2014


“I am as God created me.” A Course In Miracles

“I will love and trust in myself today.”

Trust that you can love and believe in yourself

Without fear or denial of your own truth.

Trust in the beauty and in the goodness that lives in you and in everyone.

Trust in your holiness.

Trust in your innocence.

Trust in the YOU that walks with Angels and happily blesses the world.

Trust in your gentle smile that spreads joy to all who receive it.

Trust in the knowing that true peace lives quietly and constantly inside you.

Trust that believing in yourself as a light in the world

Is true humility because this is God’s thought of you.

Trust that you are worthy of health and abundance, peace and joy and love

And so is everyone.

Trust that God created you Holy and Whole.
Trust that God needs you to be His teacher for peace NOW.

May you walk in peace today trusting you are blessed and can bless by simply being YOU.

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