Posted by: spiritteacher | August 20, 2014


“But the dark journey is not the way of God’s Children. The Children of God were created of light and in light. In God the light is here and the way is clear.” A Course In Miracles

“I will choose to see things differently today.” 

Problems arise when we get stuck in a place where we don’t belong. When we can’t stand back or detach and see that what we are doing or thinking isn’t getting positive results. Instead of moving on or up, we stay where we are and just do the same old thing, only harder and louder and more.  War is a good example.  War doesn’t work and yet we can’t seem to move on from that concept that if we just kill each other louder, harder and more violently it will produce peace. Peace never comes from war. Peace is never the result of trying to control another.

Peace comes when we take the first step in going inward and asking for a better way.  Peace comes in releasing the past and saying I’m ready to begin to see this differently. I’m ready for a new way of thinking. We can’t do it alone because any solution or answer we will come up with on our own is based upon our past experience.  

Now, we need to simply grow quiet and ask for help and then be still and listen. Listen to the place within each of us where new and better answers silently await.  There has to be an element of trust in this quiet asking and listening.  We have to have a tiny inkling that there is a way we haven’t explored and even though we don’t know what it is, somewhere inside us the answers lie.

This gentle opening of our mind and heart will raise us to a higher level of peace because these answers that rest within us come not from fear, but from Love.  Not from egos wanting swift and dramatic justice, but from God Who teaches us that there is a better way. If we would only let Him walk before us and guide our steps and thoughts, we would be led on a path that actually works. It may or may not be swift and dramatic, but it certainly would be joyous and forever. In Him all our problems have been solved.


  1. Sharie! Again such a meaningful message from you….for me. I will use this lesson today….it is early enough…and I am not really on any particular lesson…waiting for tonight’s with Beverly since it is Wed. I hope they have the video fixed.
    Last two days….I’ve found I have more trouble staying “centered”, whole and real and trying not to give in to the “obsesssive” thinking …….I have not had since Maine. I will talk to Ed tomorrow , who “warned” me it will try to come back.
    I cannot let that happen. Trying to keep busy with my art and bridge yesterday with the girls. Also feel fear in thinking about some future events that bring up fear in me…..dr appt (new dr)….Whit’s psa Oct…..
    Planning a surprise party for his birthday in Ct. with my son’s help….just everything.
    “I will choose to see things differently today”……….and I will step back…slow down a little and listen for his words….his way…..
    Thank you, Sharie….
    Love you!
    Sis, Pat

    • Just keep breathing, Pat Dear. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in healing. Breathe out fear. You can do it and this too shall pass. Envision Whit’s psa test as a wellness check and let it go to Love. Think how much fun that surprise party will be and how happy Whit will be when he is surprised and let it go to Love. Remember, Look and Let Go. Nothing is real here but God and God is only Love. Love you, Sis Sharie

  2. thank you for your words, Sharie. I will remember them and really try to use them.
    Am on this week’s study lessson #232…. It’s a good one, she’s done before but awhile ago. Helps to go to sleep with. Plus your words.
    Many thanks,
    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, have a lovely week. Lesson 232, “Be In My Mind My Father, Through The Day.” is wonderful, comforting and peaceful. I love breathing that thought in and then releasing fear. So helpful. I have been doing the lessons on my own again and am on 241, “This Holy Instant Is Salvation Come.” It’s a joyous and celebratory lesson and lifts me right up. Love always, Sis S

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