Posted by: spiritteacher | March 31, 2014


 “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will let God color my world today.”

As a child takes a few crayons and painstakingly colors a rainbow on a blank sheet of paper, let us take a few thoughts and color light and love and joy upon a blank mind.

A smiley faced sun with yellow rays fanning out around it.
A happy family standing side by side outside a lopsided
but joy-filled home.  Green grass beneath their feet,
blue, blue sky above their heads. Maybe a cloud or two,
but fluffy white and far away. The common vision of a world
created by an innocent child. The simplicity is clear. The love is implicit. It may not always be the world the child lives in. But it is the world the child wants.

In God’s eyes we are that innocent child.  And the loving world we want is the world He wants for us. Not the dark world with splashes of light here and there that we think is our home, but the colorful, constant light-filled one we really want.

God’s will and ours are the same.  God’s world and ours are the same as well. All we need do is remember our innocence and color our thinking in harmony with His.

Let our prayer be, “Father let me see your world today.”  And then grow still and let God’s world emerge as we watch the suffering world we made, quietly disappear as darkness always does when light is shined upon it.

Simplicity does not mean living a limited life.
Instead it means living fully, guided by God’s quiet grace,
free of fear and with all cares laid aside. 
The simplicity is in God.   

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