Posted by: spiritteacher | March 5, 2014


Today in gratitude we lift our hearts above despair, and raise our thankful eyes, no longer looking downward to the dust. A Course In Miracles

“I will obsess over Oneness today.”

We all suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to one degree or another.  If we think we don’t, let’s look closely at ourselves. Do we not try to keep things to ourselves when we could share?  Do we not worry about germs and sickness and death?  About being in control? About the dangers in the world? About what could go wrong or could have gone wrong even if it turns out right in the end? Do we not go crazy over what we hear on the news?  What about politics? Or religion? What about when our team wins? Or loses? Don’t we get a bit obsessed over that? What about our need to be right? Isn’t that a pretty strong obsession in most of us?

What if we obsessed in favor of giving instead of wanting and keeping?  What if we obsessed about blessing the team that lost?  Or won? What if we obsessed about our Oneness instead of our differences? What if we obsessed about being happy instead of being right? What if we obsessed about believing in our health instead of our sickness? What if we obsessed about life instead of death? What if we obsessed about the good news instead of the bad? What if we obsessed about the one hundred compliments instead of the single insult?  What if we obsessed over safety instead of danger and what went right instead of what went wrong? Or what could go right instead of what could go wrong? What if we obsessed over joy?  What if we obsessed about walking in the light of our own Truth?

What would life be like for us if we turned all of our obsessions around and obsessed over love instead of fear? I would like to see that world, wouldn’t you? And a new wellness would be born.

We could call it OCG (Obsessive Compulsive Gratitude).


  1. Love this, Sharie!!!!!
    I am actually trying to do some of this…..keeping a lesson, or a Course phrase in my mind ..replacing the negative obsessing with positive repetitions over and over..mostly a simple “Thank you, God”. And it stands for so much in my mind that I am thanking him for……
    I love what you wrote!
    Thank you soooo much!!!!
    Love you,
    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, all we have to do is change our mind about how we see ourselves and the world. I know that you are working on that very actively and so am I. I’m so glad this message was helpful to you. Love you, Sis Sharie

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