Posted by: spiritteacher | February 19, 2014


“The only thing that is required for a healing is a lack of fear.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will surrender fear and let healing happen to me today.”

We are all connected by an invisible cord.  We can use that cord to hang ourselves and each other which we often do. Or we can use it to pull ourselves to safety. In our connectedness we gather strength so we can heal from our fears together.              

Strength in number is really strength in Oneness.

As we boost our brothers and sisters, so we also raise ourselves to a higher place. As we forgive another, so do we open ourselves to healing of the deepest kind.

Healing happens through forgiveness.
Healing happens through compassion. 
Healing happens through kindness.
Healing happens through trust. 
Healing happens in non judgment.
Healing happens in love.  
Healing happens in the silence of listening.

The golden rule has stood the test of time because it is true.
Now think of that rule as a golden cord that binds us in Love and in Trust. And we will see that we are healed.


  1. Beautiful, Sharie!!!
    I am trying. Thank you for this wonderful, truthful message.
    Love you
    sis, Pat

    • You’re welcome Pat Dear. So happy these thoughts are helpful to you. Love you, Sis S

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