Posted by: spiritteacher | January 27, 2014


“In my defenselessness my safety lies.” A Course In Miracles

“Let me use my power for good today.”

Our power is not in our clenched fists or in our upraised swords. It is not in our loud voices, angry eyes or bitter thoughts. It is not in building walls to protect ourselves from a crazy world.  It does not lie in our ability to overpower another’s will.  Nor is it in revenge or a desire to be right.

Our power is in our gentleness and our compassion. In our calm and quiet voices filled with love. In our confidence that we must forgive to be at peace.  It is in gentleness and compassion, in calm and quiet voices filled with love and in our peaceful thinking that we have joined our little power with the greatest Power there is.  God’s voice through our mouths, God’s thoughts through our minds, God’s love through our hearts is where our power lies. This is the POWER that heals the world and keeps us safe.



  1. Dear Sharie,
    Sooooo beautiful!!!! Just love. What you wrote. I “get it”….now it’s the “doing it”!,,,,
    I have the willingness.
    Thank you for this wonderful message!
    Stay warm!
    Sis, Pat

    • You are a powerful Angel in my life, Dearest Pat. Your willingness is an inspiration to me. Have a beautiful, miraculous day and I will stay warm because you are in my life. It may be 16 below outside, but it’s warm and filled with light inside my heart. What’s weather in comparison to God? Nothing more than a chilly illusion. Please tell our Listener Board family that I love them. Just been a little busy lately. But not too busy to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for healing and miracles all around. The miracles are on me! Thank you, Dear Heart. Love you, Sis S

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