Posted by: spiritteacher | January 24, 2014


“Miracles are seen in light.  We are entitled to miracles.” 
A Course In Miracles

Miracles and the capacity for miracles are embedded within each one of us.  They can be seen in simple joys and in every day moments. They are in the faces of our loved ones, the smile of a stranger, children giggling over some small nothing.

Miracles are heard in the distant thunder and raindrops splashing on the window.  They are in the silence of new snow. They are in the aroma of our morning coffee or the rose in a crystal vase. They can be experienced in a well kept garden or one that needs some weeding. 

Sunshine, Cloudburst.  Miracle, Miracle. 
Butterfly, Earthworm.  Miracle,  Miracle.

Miracles are heard in laughter and felt in the mingling tears of sadness or of joy. Two hearts joining for a moment or a lifetime is a miracle from God.  An instant where two agree to put aside their differences and choose forgiveness instead of war. In this we recognize our oneness and finally understand we are not really separate but joined at the heart by God.  A miracle indeed.

A miracle’s potential lives in every moment even those we perceive as challenging and difficult.  A bowl of chicken soup for a sick friend, a hand out held to one in need, a donation of our time or money.  A prayer for someone struggling in some way.  Another’s prayer for us.

Miracles wash away dark thinking and purify our thoughts.  They are all the times we join with God and count our blessings.  In every moment lived in faith instead of fear.  Gratitude engenders miracles.  As do kindness, loving thoughts and prayers for hope and healing for the world.

And those who choose miracles instead of suffering have a special name.  They are called Miracle Workers.  This not a lofty purpose meant for a chosen few.  They are all who choose to answer the call that is made to everyone.  All who turn their face to God and say, “Use me Father.  I am yours.” 

And now we know our purpose.  We know why we are here.  Therein lies our peace, our safety and our ordinary humanity.  And yet our Truth and our exalted Holiness as well.

“Miracles are seen in light.”  We are that light.  It’s a miracle.


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