Posted by: spiritteacher | January 22, 2014


“My mind holds only what I think with God.” A Course In Miracles


The truth is we can have no real thoughts apart from our Creator and our Source.  God is only Love and God is all there is. Therefore, any thought that does not come from God’s Love cannot be true. We cannot change that changeless idea any more than we can turn the ocean to a single drop or stop a bird from singing or refuse to be Who God created us to be.  Nor do we want to.  For then we are trying to be something we are not and that is very unsettling and uncomfortable indeed.

Again, any word we utter that is not God’s will cannot truly be our own.  Any thought we think or act we perform that does not come from kindness we can know we are not ourselves right now. We will know this by our unhappiness and our feeling, sometimes full blown, sometimes a gentle nudge, that things are just not right.  It may simply feel uncomfortable or it might cause us outright guilt or misery. Not because God is punishing us, but because we are going against our own nature. It isn’t personal. It’s just unnatural. Like shoving a butterfly back into its cocoon or an eagle back into its egg.  It just won’t work.  They need to fly and so do we.

Only when we allow our thoughts to flow with God’s are we truly at peace.  Only then does pure joy fill us.  Only then can we know ourselves and our brothers and sisters in the truest sense.  Only then will we awaken to the truth, that our minds hold only what we think with God.  Any thoughts that are not of God are blocks to our path. They clip our wings and keep us from experiencing our true life.  The life of a Glorious Creation of God.

 Whenever a judgment arises or fear or anger or sadness lock our peace away from us, let us use these words and this idea with quiet breathing, to bring us back to center and return us to our natural state of love and joy.  “My mind holds only what I think with God.”

Now our path is sure; our way is clear and we can see only what is true. “My mind holds only what I think with God.” And nothing else.



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