Posted by: spiritteacher | December 18, 2013


“Prayer is a way of asking for something. It is a medium of miracles.” A Course In Miracles

We pray for a world where the children are always safe.
A world where no one could find it in their heart to ever
harm even a hair on their beautiful heads.

We pray for a world where violence has been transformed
by a Love and a Light that is Holy and Divine and protects
not only the youngest, but all of God’s Children everywhere.
In mosques, in churches, in temples, in salons, on the streets,
in homes, in the schools …  Everywhere.

We pray for a world where no soul is so wounded that they cannot see that the darkness in their mind is not their own holy truth and they will always ask for help before they act out in the world.

We pray for a world where a mother and father can send their children out of the home with confidence and joy knowing that they will always be safe and happy and well. Let us pray to remember that God does not allow harm or cause suffering or make sickness of minds and hearts.  Instead he enfold us in His Love and comforts us and gives us the strength to get through it.

Let us not allow ourselves to be governed by fear.  Now let us walk in light and trust in God and in the God energy within each of us knowing that this is what will keep us and ours safe from now on.

We pray to remember that this new transformed and transcended world we desire begins with us. Each time that we choose to be kind to someone is helpful to God and creates a moment where a new seed is planted and a new thought sends healing energy rippling out into the world. God needs His teachers and His helpers now more than ever.  Let those teachers and helpers be us.

Now let us lay aside our fear mindset and thank God for His presence in our hearts. God can’t stop the insanity because we are His powerful creations who have a will of our own. But we can, one forgiving, grateful and compassionate thought, heart, and act at a time, be instruments and channels for His healing in the world.


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