Posted by: spiritteacher | December 11, 2013


“…for here we have the answer, clear and plain … in its simplicity.” A Course In Miracles

“I will live my life simply choosing God today.”

Life is quite simple.  And peace is not an impossible dream. 

When we are not at peace, it is because we have made a mistake in our thinking. It has nothing to do with anyone else.  It’s only about us.

The solution to everything is always forgiveness. Forgiveness in the true sense is not overlooking or condoning someone else’s wrongdoing. It is simply choosing God instead of this. It is deciding for peace instead of judgment.

In every aspect of our lives is the opportunity to forgive. In our relationships at home and at work, listening to the news, in the neighborhood, at the mall, on the freeway …

When anyone or anything disturbs us, we can practice forgiveness by choosing to see the person or the situation through God’s Loving eyes. Before reacting to anyone, simply ask God to “Help me see this person/situation through Your eyes.”  In doing this, we are allowing Love to be in charge and our whole perspective on the world changes from “they’re bad” to “this is God’s business, not mine.”  Now, we have allowed ourselves to be lifted above the fray where true healing can happen. 

So let’s keep it simple and surrender everyone and everything to God. Now we can walk lightly and smile easily for in letting go of our judgments, we can see clearly that all our problems have simply disappeared into the Light of God.

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