Posted by: spiritteacher | November 20, 2013


“Kindness created me kind. Helpfulness created me helpful.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will ask, how can I help today?”

This is a time of great difficulty for many.  Before we face the day, let’s open our minds, close our eyes and allow our hearts to fill with love for all our brothers and sisters facing challenges. And then let’s do this for ourselves as well. Release control and breathe in the power of sweet surrender. We do this knowing that no matter how it looks in the world, God’s power is far greater than anything that is happening here. God can turn disasters into opportunities for healing. God can change our encounters from strangers into brothers and sisters and our thoughts of separation into Oneness.

Many ask, how can I help?  The answer is,  “In quiet surrender lies our greatest power to serve.”

As you allow Divine Guidance, you will find yourself doing, saying and serving exactly as you are meant to. Your inner Voice is now directing you. All you have to do is only what you’re told. And the amazing thing is as you learn to trust this Voice, you will find that what It is asking of you is exactly what you’re good at and what you do the best. Every opportunity to be helpful is brought to you. Your holy purpose lives right inside your heart.

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