Posted by: spiritteacher | August 23, 2013


“I will be a clear and empty vessel for Love today.”

 “My mind holds only what I hear with God.” A Course In Miracles

Let’s dance between the shadows today; in the flashes of light between the thoughts of darkness. Then let’s choose to extend those flashes into constant rays where darkness cannot enter. Let’s not think of right or wrong or good or bad, but only mindful Love.  Let’s not see sadness as an opposite to joy or anger as opposed to peace. In fact today anger, sadness, fear and guilt are simply not an option.

Now we come to God with a mind, clear as crystal and ready to be filled with only the purest thoughts. Our heart is open to allow in all things kind and loving. Our hands are empty of all burdens from the past. And we ask, “What would You have me do and think and say today? I have no plans apart from Yours.”

Today we will let “… every voice but God’s be still in us.” ACIM

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