Posted by: spiritteacher | August 20, 2013


“I will let God be my answer today.”

What if it isn’t fear I fear at all, but Love?

Could I be hiding in a world of darkness, violence and despair because I can’t face the Truth and my own Holiness? 

What if I am wrong about everything?

Would I be willing to admit I’m wrong if being wrong means I am in constant denial of my own happiness and peace of mind?  If it means I am in denial of God, Himself?

Are judgment and guilt, anger and sadness simply a smoke screen to hide my blessedness from me?  Do I say I want God, while I do everything in my power to deny Him?  Could it be that in subtle and not so subtle ways I push God away?

Do I pray for His help and then refuse to accept it?

Am I really willing to allow Him to guide me or am I always telling Him how I want things done?  Do I pray for healing or do I pray for things?  Do I say GOD’S WILL BE DONE while I manipulate my life and the lives of others according to my limited thinking of how the world should be?

What if my being out of control meant that God was in control?

Am I willing to trust Him no matter how it looks or feels in the world? Am I willing to believe that my happiness and joy is His business and not my own?

Do I say I deserve miracles while I spend my time punishing myself and others with negative thinking, words and behavior?  Do I think I have a generous spirit giving with the one hand and taking away with the other? Am I so afraid of not getting my fair share that I would deny my brother a bite of bread or a place in line.

Do I ever question the reality of the way things look or do I simply assume I understand it all because of what my five senses tell me?

How many times have I been wrong about my perceptions?

Do I do things the same old way day after day getting the same unhappy results and never question what I’m doing wrong? Is a fact more important than the Truth to me? 

Am I willing to admit that I’m tired of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders? Am I ready yet for a better way?  Am I ready to take the Hand of He who knows all about all and let Him lift me up beyond all questions to the One Answer?  Do I even know the Answer even though I’ve heard it forever?

Love is the answer.

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