Posted by: spiritteacher | August 8, 2013


“Today I will bless the world every chance I get.”

If we can bless the world and everyone in it every chance we get, light will soon shine the darkness away. Tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods will soften into restorative rains, gentle breezes, healthy rays of sunlight and a quiet planet. God’s holy harmony and balance will calm the earth’s elements. Oil spills and other manmade disasters will become opportunities for forgiveness, for kindness and for helpfulness. Terrorism will transform to opportunities for trusting God’s strength instead of ego’s fears. Every news story of suffering, injustice and violence will become our chance to open our minds and hearts to God’s Holy Justice and His peace and joy for all. Every sickness will be healed. Every experience of scarcity, hunger, joblessness and lack in any form will be the provocation for new thoughts of God’s Holy abundance for all.

The world’s justice is governed by judgment, vengeance, punishment, victimhood and fear. God’s Justice is Love.

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