Posted by: spiritteacher | August 7, 2013


“Let me walk in true forgiveness today.”

Forgiveness is not just something we give
As an offering of peace to someone who wronged us.

Forgiveness is the taking back of our power;
A letting go without condoning.

Forgiveness is freeing ourselves
To move on from a painful experience.

Forgiveness is choosing to live joyously
In this moment, no longer imprisoned by the past
Or fearful of the future.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness
And a whole new way of life.


  1. Sharie
    Love the message.but I have tried three times to get it to go thru to you and can’t. Will have to email you
    Sis, Pat

  2. So now it is working!???
    I am in car driving with Whit up to Maine. Your forgiveness message is so what I need ….to forgive myself……. “letting go of a painful experience”. “Freeing ourselves”…..”taking back our power”. I am trying to do these things. I want to …Ed says ” take control of you”. You have the power.
    I am praying for this on this trip. Need your prayers if you can slip one in for me.
    Love you…this message is what I need today. I will do it!
    thank you and more love to you

    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, my prayers are with you for a lovely, freeing vacation with Whit and all your family. Expect miracles and look for them. We overlook many miracles because they seem small and insignificant or they may appear to be challenges and not miracles at all. But everything is an opportunity to forgive and infuse love into a situation or with a brother or sister or yourself. And everything that comes from love is a miracle. Lovingly, Sis Sharie

  3. Having a hard time, Sharie.
    Just asking for a prayer.
    Sis, Pat

    • I’m praying for you and with you dear sister. Remember you are the light of the world. No matter how it feels God is always with you and all is well. Love you. Breathe.

      Sent from my U.S. Cellular Android device

  4. It was a wonderful time. My mind shifted. My relationships were wonderful with my kids and grandkids. Some truly amazing, intense and meaningful talks with Matt and Kate. I know them both better than ever before.
    I ( with God’s help) took charge of myself. I knew when to “step back” and
    Let Go.
    Much more but just wanted to let you know this much, anyway. In car drivin back to Ga. Will get home tomorrow night,
    Lots of love,

    • Aaah. Your words here are music to my ears. Love you Pat Dear, Sis S

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