Posted by: spiritteacher | August 6, 2013


“I will remember that happiness is all I want today.”

God’s will is our happiness.  Happiness is our will as well.  Therefore God’s will and ours is the same.

Only God knows where we can find our joy.  He knows because He put it there.  Right inside of us where we can access it at will.  He knows it is not out there somewhere.  It is not in another person or in things, places or experiences in the world, but nestled lovingly inside our own mind and heart where we can choose it right this moment. It belongs to everyone equally.

“I am calm, quiet, peaceful and joyous
Only because I have decided that this
Is what I want.”

Let sunlight dry our tears.  Let life happen as it will.  Nothing can disturb our peace because it is God’s will and ours.  Now let’s watch for moments where spurts of joy shine a light inside our mind and lift our hearts for no apparent reason.  Real happiness does not need a reason.  True happiness just happens because it is our natural state. It is our gift from God and our gift to ourselves whenever we allow it.

There is no plan for it. There is nothing to do, nothing to say or think that can bring it on and nothing that can stop it. Happiness just happens. Happiness is real because it is God’s Plan not ours.  Let’s smile at each other today.  Let’s sing with joy and dance with grace. Let’s fly free from our self imposed prisons. At last we know the truth. Happiness isn’t work.  It isn’t something we have to earn, compete for or fight for. It just is.

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