Posted by: spiritteacher | June 20, 2013


“I will BE where I am today.”

Maybe we think we should be somewhere else, having a different experience.  Or are we exactly where we need to be right now?  If we can accept our present path with a peaceful heart, change will come naturally and flow with ease.  Sometimes we can’t see the miracles until the moment has passed. Or we can, if we wish, live mindfully in each moment and experience our walk through life as a living, breathing adventure filled with self discovery. 

In the morning we can say this prayer, “Thank you for this new day and this new opportunity for peace and healing.”  In the evening, we can say this prayer, “Thank you for this amazing day and all the miracles that led me through it.”

And then as we rest for the night, instead of mulling over every problem, every grievance, every ache and pain, we can count miracles and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. The beauty of this is that the power to choose our world lies smack dab inside of us. 

Together, let’s we walk through this day with joy and gratitude.


  1. Thanks for this gorgeous reminder! I am watching my ego as it wants to judge this headache. Funny, sort of, when we observe the self judgements. Then I observe how this self judgement turns outward to blaim others. As my yoga laughter teacher, Debbie Ellison, taught me to say,”Silly me,” when I realize that I am caught up in my own stuff!

    Acceptance, Gratitude, and some laughter shifts the energy back to me, to my Source!!
    I am grateful that I read your post today! Blessings,
    Pam Brooks-Crump, MBA, author, illustrator, Business Coach
    CEO WeCan Coaching and Networking Groups

    • Pam, you are so right on and I love your yoga teacher. Laughter absolutely puts things back in perspective and puts the responsibility back where it belongs – on me! How powerful is that knowing that I am responsible for my own pain and therefore for my own joy. Acceptance, Gratitude and Laughter. Great Mantra and what my teachings are all about. I thank you and your yoga teacher for walking with me on this miraculous journey as we move closer and closer to letting go of our fear of miracles. God is Love and God is all there is. So really, what is there to be afraid of? Now that makes me laugh. Thank you! Love you, Sharie

  2. Yes! 🙂 Shandra

    • Walking with you today, Shandra, with joy and gratitude. Thank you for YOU! Love, Sharie

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