Posted by: spiritteacher | June 13, 2013


“… in God’s eyes your loveliness is so complete and flawless that He sees in it an image of Himself.” Paraphrased from ACIM

“I am God’s Love and Peace and Joy.”

Sometimes fear just happens. We may look around at our lives in a given moment and try to understand what we’re afraid of.  With caution we note, nothing is really wrong right now.  Does this mean that something bad is going to happen?  Or is happening and we just don’t know it yet? Or is it possible, that our unremembered past is haunting us?  Is God giving us a lesson?  Or punishing us for something?

Or is it none of the above? Perhaps it’s just an opportunity we’ve presented to ourselves to forgive and surrender everything to God.  If we feel lost in a temporary morass of fear and dark thinking, all we need tell ourselves is, “This is not necessary.  Whatever this fear is,  it certainly can’t be from God.  God doesn’t make fear, He only dispels it.” And then we surrender it to Him.

So let’s begin breathing gently into the senseless fear and fill it with Love. Let’s remind ourselves as we breathe in and out slowly and mindfully, that we are the light of the world deserving of love and joy and peace.  And more than deserving of these things we are these things. We, as God’s creations, ARE Love and Joy and Peace. There is no opposite to God except in our limited thinking. 

Let’s smile with gratitude and relief at the understanding that no matter how dark things look or feel, the truth of us is something else.  And that something else is Love because God is only LOVE. And we belong to Him.

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