Posted by: spiritteacher | June 6, 2013


“… and the remembrance of God shines unimpeded across the world. God’s face is seen in every living thing and nothing is held in darkness, apart from the light of forgiveness.  There is no sorrow still upon the earth.  The joy of Heaven has come upon it. Vision is wholly corrected and all mistakes undone.  Attack is meaningless and peace has come. All living hearts are tranquil with a stir of deep anticipation for the time of everlasting things is now at hand. There is no death. The Children of God are free.”  A Course In Miracles

“Today I choose a life governed by Love and seen through laughing eyes.”

Imagine a world where laughter is the universal language. Where peace is common and joy lights our path. A world where fear is not part of the vocabulary. In this world every day begins with a smile and every heart is calm and quiet.  In this exciting world, Angels fly about and carry us wherever we need to go. We can parasail from a cliff side with perfect safety or dive into the depths of the ocean and view the wonders without concerns for pollution because we have learned to respect and value all of nature.

Everyone is familiar here, not just familiar, but known as dear siblings. We have a clear understanding of unconditional love and we happily pay it forward to all the world. Every day is a celebration and an experience of delight. Danger, sickness, scarcity, war and death are gone from our thinking. Health, abundance and perfect safety are the norm. Jobs are unnecessary now because everything is shared. Prisons are a thing of the past because everyone is only kind and loving toward everyone else. We all know our greater purpose and we love giving to each other without the need for thank you’s. The reason thank you is unnecessary is because gratitude flows from us as naturally as breathing.

Our skills are appreciated by everyone and we all work together. Those who love to plant, plant the food and the flowers and the trees and then gift them to the rest of us. Those who enjoy cooking make our mouths water with their delicious concoctions. Food is healthy and plentiful. There is no such thing as hunger because, remember, everything is shared. Those who love to paint pictures do so with a loving heart and the art is so powerful it takes our breath away. Those who love to act and sing and dance and make music gift their talents to the rest of us and bring us joy with their moving performances. Those who love to write, write the most amazing poetry and stories beyond anything we’ve ever known because it comes from their deepest and most holy place. A place we aren’t even aware of now. Those who love to serve, serve only God and He guides them in their service to all others.

Those who love to invent things are honored for their skills and their inventions are provided to everyone without question and everyone without question is grateful for the sharing of these gifts. Those who love sports perform with ease. Every skill is an art and comes from the highest Loving place within us. Boredom doesn’t exist because we are all too busy being happy and doing what we love best, writing, reading, working with our hands. Whatever it is we love to do is only what we do. Televisions, cell phones and computers are only used for sharing good news and for teaching us about the wonders of the greater world and the worlds beyond this one. Judgment is gone. Attack?  Defense? Unnecessary.

Competition is an archaic tradition now because everyone does everything for the artistry and the pure pleasure of it. No stress and no disappointment is involved because there are no losers. In this new world everyone wins. There are no extremes in nature because nature is governed by our kindness and compassion. Our loving thoughts tame tornados and tsunamis and make earthquakes and floods impossible.  Death is over.

Seem inconceivable? If so, it’s only because we can’t wrap our mind around the possibility that there is another way, another world, another experience that we are denying and closing off. And we don’t understand how powerful we are and how real God is. If our intentions are for a beautiful utopia and if our minds are open and accepting and ready to share and to live in Love, then it must happen.

God is not impossible. God simply is. And we can choose how to see each moment and each person in our lives. What holds us back is only fear. Fear takes a thousand forms, but in the end, it’s only a decision. We can surrender fear and forgive its cause whatever that may be and then choose God instead. If we all did this, in time we would be experiencing a healthy, holy, laughing, loving, abundant and glorious world.

Afraid of change?  Afraid of sacrificing the things we like about this world the way it is? What if we could try this new world for just a day?  Would we really come back to the darkness and density and pain and suffering we know now?

The power in the joining of the minds and hearts of God’s Creations in Love is beyond what we can comprehend. But who needs to understand? We just need to choose Love and trust God to take care of the rest. And we need to do this a moment at a time, an hour at a time, a day at time. The more consistently we choose God, the more beautiful becomes our world.

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