Posted by: spiritteacher | May 24, 2013


Today I will let God show me how to be helpful.”

“All are chosen. Few choose to answer.” from A Course In Miracles

We are so intent on believing we have to do something in the world that we run frantically here and there trying to fix things from our limited understanding.  This inevitably leads to mistakes.  We keep making the same errors over and over and then expecting different results. It isn’t our business to fix ourselves or the world.  Our business is to open our minds and hearts to God’s Love within us and allowing Him to fix things. Once we understand this, we will see great transformation in our lives and before long in the world.  God is the power of Love and we must forget everything but that.  Only Love can make the necessary corrections for healing us and the world. We just have to let it happen.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that God will just do things like magic tricks.  What God does is presents us with opportunities to be truly helpful.  It’s up to us to choose to follow His guidance.  When we do we will find that we have never been busier or more filled with joy.  In God’s busyness we are never overwhelmed or frantic or in doubt about anything.  In God’s busyness, there are only calm and quiet miracles which create hugely loving changes.

We’ve tried it our way.  Over and over and over. How many times have we said, “I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.”  So why don’t we just stop trying and allow the Divine Universe to lift everything from us so true transformation can happenNow are we truly helpful.

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