Posted by: spiritteacher | May 23, 2013


“I will let God do His job today.”

One moment there may be a spark of joy, but it isn’t long before that is squashed by darker feelings of impending doom.  We tell ourselves with and without words that we don’t deserve the joy.  And if we look around it certainly seems as though it’s true. All the suffering and the wars and the lack of this and that build a picture in our mind that since this is the way it is, it must be what we are entitled to. And we have these inner conversations that convince us that our pain is absolutely deserved.  Or if not deserved then certainly we must be innocent victims of an insane world.

There is enough judgment, anger, fear, sadness, suffering, guilt, attack and blame in the world without our joining in the din like children pounding on a pot with a wooden spoon crying, “I know what’s going on and it isn’t good. Not only is it not good, but it’s all your fault!” 

We can’t stop the insanity by shaking our fist at it. Or by accepting ourselves as less than we are. We peer fearfully through a dirty window and then believe, not in the window, but in the dirt. Following the advice of our small minds is how we become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. This is our time for stillness and for listening to He Who knows what we don’t.  We are the window, not the dirt!

The way to know if we’re mistaken is to ask ourselves these questions:
Is this thought coming from love? 

Is this thought kind? Compassionate? Forgiving? 
Are we letting God be in charge of the world? 
Or are we trying to do His job?

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