Posted by: spiritteacher | May 21, 2013


“Let me trust in Love today.”

How do we look at situations like the tornado in Oklahoma and suffering throughout the world?  How do we make any sense of it?  The answer is we can’t make sense of it. Such devastation is beyond human comprehension. But we don’t need to understand it to be helpful. There are many ways to lend a hand when terrible things happen in the world.  And many, many people do. That is what creates miracles from devastation.

But the most powerful way we can help is by asking God for guidance. And by giving Him our fear.  If we are experiencing fear and sadness in any form, we cannot be our most helpful.  God does not cause devastation, but He stands beside each one of us and offers Love.  And so to be helpful in the highest sense, we must accept His Love and send that to Oklahoma. 

Fear and Love are both energy working in opposite directions.  Fear is what causes devastation.  Love is what heals it.  We don’t need to understand tragedy in order to be willing to be a channel for peace in the world.  We need only be willing to be at peace in our own mind and that energy will send comfort and healing to Oklahoma and everywhere where there is suffering and war and hunger and hopelessness. 

If we want to help Oklahoma in the most powerful way possible, we must forgive our brother and our sister, our mother and our father. We have to forgive our friend and our co-worker and the guy who cuts us off in traffic. And we must forgive everyone whose political and religious beliefs are not our own.  And then we must forgive ourselves for every mistake we believe we have made.  Forgiveness is only letting go of all judgments and attachments to this world and giving them to God so He can correct them and then return them to us pure and healed. When our thoughts are clean and clear, God can use us as a conduit and a channel to heal all the fearful minds and hearts throughout the world and in our neighborhood and in our home. When our thoughts and hearts are pure and loving, God can use that energy to prevent devastation in the future.

Our fear brings chaos.
Our willingness to forgive brings healing.
Our fear causes suffering and pain and scarcity.
Our Love is the channel for God’s correction and His holy abundance.

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