Posted by: spiritteacher | April 8, 2013


“I expect only good things today.”

When we look into the future and focus on the unknown, we have a tendency to assume the worst is about to befall us. As we watch things unfold, it almost always comes into our mind that it won’t be going our way.  Our way, of course, being what we would perceive in our limited thinking as the “right” way.  So let’s take a moment to turn that thinking around.  Let’s assume that whatever hints we get about the future are going to bring “good news”.  Let’s trust that healing is happening no matter how it may look or feel to us at this moment.

As blessed children of a Loving God, we must believe in a beautiful experience so we can be open to it. In God the possibility for miracles and holy instants are not just possibilities, but inevitabilities. It’s inevitable that we should be happy.  It is pre-ordained that we have a joyous life. Let’s take it for granted that God is Love and anything other than God simply isn’t possible.

And now we can walk lightly through our day with a smile of joyous expectation on our face.  


  1. Beautiful, Sharie!!!! I will do just that! Thank you so much….
    Lots of love
    sis, Pat

    • Thank you Pat Dear, for being on this healing path with me. Together there are no limitations as to what can be accomplished in God’s name. Love always, Sis Sharie

  2. Good morning Jeff. So lovely to see you today and to feel your holy presence here. Have a beautiful day. Peace and Love, Sharie

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