Posted by: spiritteacher | February 13, 2013


“I will write and direct a loving life for myself.”

Let’s think of our life as a play.  We are the writer, the producer, the director and the main character.  We have total control of how our play will go.  If we don’t like how our main character is acting out his/her part we can re-write it, re-produce it and re-direct it. The changes for our play’s character are all within our mind.  As we act differently, more lovingly, so do all the other characters react differently to us.

If we’re acting out a scene where we’re having a disagreement with another character, we can re-write our part and choose another tactic for our character.  Our character can look at the other character and choose to see him/her in a different way.  More kindly.  More compassionately.  More open mindedly.  And as our thinking changes so will our dialogue. As our dialogue changes so will the dialogue of the other character. 

In this sense all dialogue is connected. The other character may speak first and then we respond.  Whatever we respond with will affect the tone of the story and what the other character says or does next.  If we respond calmly, quietly and with kindness, the other character will feel that and will probably calm down as well.  If we’re in a sour mood and project that onto the scene, the other character will react to our angry or unhappy words in a corresponding way.  But then it’s our turn again.  Even if we began the unhappy scenario, we have the choice to change it instantly.  “I’m sorry.  I’m just in a bad mood.  Let’s start over.”

If we feel the other character is being unjust we don’t have to allow our character to defend itself. We can simply leave the stage. We can remind ourselves, “I don’t have to be a part of this. What he/she is saying is not true so what’s the point of my joining in and escalating the drama?”

The beauty of being in control of our play is that we can change the atmosphere and the storyline or even leave the stage any time we choose.  Now, that’s power.


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