Posted by: spiritteacher | January 23, 2013


In this cold and flu season we are reminded of what A Course In Miracles teaches; that “all sickness is a defense against the truth”.  Meaning an ego distraction to keep us believing we are bodies and at the mercy of a world designed to make us sick leaving us no choice but to catch what’s going around while we frantically take every preventative measure to keep ourselves and our children healthy.  The Course teaches that we are not bodies, but Spirit created by God and at any time we could simply stand up and say, “I have no need of this,” and we would be healed instantly.  Of course we must believe what we are saying and have perfect trust in Him.

The Course also teaches that we should take whatever measures necessary, doctors, vitamins, shots, medication, even surgery to aid us in our body’s healing while we are practicing believing that the power of wellness is in our mind.  We should not try to heal ourselves because our fear is too great.  But that fear can’t stop us from opening our minds and wondering if just perhaps the power of God within us can cure, not only what ails us, but what ails the world.

Why not try a new practice that I call gargle and let go. Let’s take our vitamins and preventative and corrective healing measures, but instead of seeing them as ways to avoid or heal the body’s sickness, let’s see them as symbols of our willingness to be well.  Well in spirit, mind and body. As with anything it takes lots of practice to see sickness differently, but even as we experience sickness or weakness we can choose to see through the pain and discomfort to the light of God’s Love on the other side.  It may not make us feel better immediately, but at least we will be considering that there may just be another way of looking at the body. And that’s all God asks of us.

“I am not a victim of the world I see.”  A Course In Miracles 

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