Posted by: spiritteacher | November 30, 2012


“I will remember my power for decision is in my mind.”

We are not a body.  We may think we are as we dress it in the morning.  As we give it aspirin for a head-ache and feel its aches and pains.  We may think we are as we get into our car and drive defensively to work and experience the irritation of being cut off in traffic.  We may think we are as we feed it to curb its hunger.  We may think that just because it bleeds and its heart appears to be broken from lost love and it feels good when someone hugs it, that it is us. 

Somehow we have come to believe that the body makes the decision for us.  Decisions about sickness and health.  Decisions about where to go and how to be in the world.  Decisions about life and death.  And yet God tells us the body is just a tool. A tool for His Loving communication in the world.  It is a tool for sharing His kindness.  A tool for extending His love. A tool through which our spirit mind’s compassion can come through. 

The body is our transportation through the world. It is our puppet on a string which we can use in two ways.  Lovingly or fearfully. But the love and fear are what run our life, not our body. The love is of God and the fear is of the ego. If we respect our body and use it lovingly, it will serve us well, but we must not think for an instant that it is all we are.  The body has no power on its own to accomplish good or bad. 

The body is merely the instrument through which we serve.  It is a clear vessel waiting to be filled. Fill it with God’s light and it is wholly innocent and wholly pure.  Use it for the ego’s purpose and it becomes murky and confused. As we use our bodies wisely, we must never forget our mind, our spirit mind, is where our power lies. It is there we make our choices and our decisions for how to be in this world. And then the body does whatever we tell it to.

May you travel lightly through your spirit mind today and love your body as an instrument for peace and nothing more.

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